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Posted: April 13, 2020

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. I wanted to take a moment to talk about patience. We have all heard before that  patience is a virtue. In today's society, we are extremely result- oriented, to be efficient, as we should be. Though, I constantly search for an immediate result from my effort. Wether it's with a new training program, diet, starting your own garden, etc. The one I'm choosing to address today is with our children. I've been working with all ages of students for over a decade now, and I still become impatient with them. I feel the pressure of being result driven, and I'm constantly reminded by the process of teaching that the real change takes place over time. True discipline comes from structure and consistency. There is no quick fix. The efforts that we make with our children may not seem to pay off immediately, but if looked at over time, the growth that they experience is huge.

As a leader and a parent I strive to remember that growth is a simple formula. You just need the proper root system (structure in daily life), nourishment (feeding the mind, body, and spirit), and finally time. It takes as long as it takes. When it comes to our kids, we want the best for them, but it's easy to get caught up in the result. Consider this as an adult; You purchased your home, like most of us you have a 30 year loan, that means that if your child was just born at the time you bought the home they may very well be purchasing their own home by the time you pay this one off. Of course you can pay your home off early by budgeting right or making a larger salary (structure in daily life) but no one can argue that paying that home off is going to take time. It's a pretty simple concept yet we all would love it if we could pay that loan off fast. Now our children are a different story. We have very few years to guide them into adulthood and we know all too well the difficulties of life, but we can't rush the process. You baby will walk when they are ready, your toddler will use basic language when they are ready, your adolescent will become responsible for themselves when they are ready, your high schooler will make every mistake you told them not too and your child will become who they were taught to be. All things in time will change we just need to trust the process, and be patient.

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